Anna In The Tropics

Ovation Recommended
“Top Ten Production to see” by Stage Raw

Personal Reviews:

Dena Burroughs - The Fume Of Sighs
“It has a cast of seven talented actors, including Costa Rican-American Byron Quiros as “Juan Julian.” This is a passionate play with a couple of erotic scenes. It is not a bad thing at all to see Quiros shirtless, but what he does with “Conchita”, is probably not what you’ll want your young kids to see just yet."

Steven Stanley - Stage Scene LA
“… who better to ignite similar urges amongst the three women than bald-pated hunk Juan Julian (Byron Quiros), at least four decades younger than the late lamented Teodoro and oozing sex appeal. Electrifying work.

Margaret Gray - LA Times
“...the rock star of lectors, Juan Julian (Byron Quiros), steps off the boat, with his wire-rimmed spectacles and thick, leather-bound volumes of Tolstoy, the women swoon."

Tracey Paleo - Gia On The Move
"Without question, Anna in the Tropics at the Atwater Village Theatre could be comparatively compared as stupendous to any production ever produced anywhere."

Stephen Fife - Stage Raw
Quiros brings a very strong mix of intellectual and erotic charisma, and this helps elevate the tension and bring the audience more deeply into the play’s confluence of passions and ideas.

Paul Myrvold - Theatre Notes
“They nearly swoon when he, Juan Julian (Byron Quiros), arrives and, in his bearing, manners, and voice, totally fulfills their expectations.

Marilyn Tower Oliver - Los Feliz Ledger
“This production is marked with strong acting. The lector, portrayed by Byron Quiros, is central to the action. Winner of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Best Actor Award, he infuses the character with sensuality."

Douglas Messerli - US Theater, Opera, and Performance
“The lector she hires, Juan Julian (the excellent Byron Quiros), fans the flames with his story-telling skills.”

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